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Registered Name: Dillon's Asher Won't Tale


Call Name: Cash

Size: 15 pounds, 14 inches

Health Testing:

Genetic Testing (Embark Link HERE)- Carries 1 copy of CDDY, clear of CDPA and all other genetic conditions

OFA prelims: "Good"

OFA elbows, cardiac, eyes, & patellas= "Normal"

Link to OFA results: HERE

Color Panel:  Ee KBky ayat M*m Bb Ssp

Intermediate Red

Cash carries a huge rainbow of colors! He is able to produce merle, red, phantom, sable, chocolate/brown, & parti pups... and various combinations of these such as merle-tri. 

Temperament: Meet our miniature poodle stud, Cash! He is a very serious lapdog! He absolutely loves to snuggle and gives the sweetest kisses. Cash can be reserved when meeting new people, but he warms up after a couple of minutes and is your new best friend. He is a cheerful, playful, and eager to please boy. He is quite athletic for his size and enjoys a good game of fetch and/or dog-wrestling! He has a good "on/off switch" and knows exactly when it's time to settle in for a long nap.


akc registered merle poodle stacked stud

More Pictures of Cash

miniature poodle
poodle puppy

Cash's Puppies

Cash's Pedigree

American kennel club poodle pedigree

Stud Details: Cash's stud fee is $1000. He is proven via live cover and can collect for artificial insemination! Cash has excellent structure/long legs for a mini. He also has one partially blue eye so should be able to produce some blue-eyed pups! If you have questions about exactly how the process works, read more HERE

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