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Dam requirements:

We require that a dam be genetically health tested prior to breeding. We require a negative brucellosis test within 30 days of live cover. 

We require that a dam be of sound temperament with no prior human aggression issues. 

We require at least one progesterone testing result to fulfill our pregnancy guarantee.


Stud Fees:

Our stud fees vary based on titles and genetics. The range is $1000 - $2000 for proven studs. You can view each stud's fee on their individual page. This fee is required to be paid in full upfront. We do offer a free rebreeding OR a partial refund (we refund 75%, but keep 25% for our time/effort) in the event that a dam does not get pregnant after a stud service.

What is the Process for Live cover?

All live cover breedings take place at our home in Mint Hill, North Carolina (just outside of Charlotte). The stud fee is for up to 3 breedings/ties. We document and supervise all breedings to keep both dogs safe. You are welcome to transport your girl back and forth or we can board your female at our home (at no additional charge for the first 3 days)

What is the Process for Shipped Semen?

We offer fresh chilled semen at our standard stud fee plus shipping costs (typically around $150). There is an additional fee required for semen analysis prior to shipping. 

The typical process is one collection divided into 2 samples (with added extender). We can provide additional samples for the cost of shipping. 

sample Contract 

Red Paw Farm Live Cover Contract


Owner of Stud dog: _Brooke Harris_____

Name of Stud dog:  _______

Kennel Name: Red Paw Farm


Owner of Dam: ________________

Name of Dam:  ________________

Kennel Name: _________________


Stud Owner Responsibilities:


The Stud owner agrees to provide up to three natural breedings of dam separated by 24 hours, or as agreed upon by Stud owner and Dam owner.


Stud owner will provide copies of stud’s genetic health testing, AKC and/or CKC registration, pedigree, and OFA results upon request. 

Stud owner will provide adequate and normal care of dam while under the stud owner’s care if dam is to be boarded on stud owner’s property. This includes being housed indoors and having regular outdoor potty breaks and play time. 

Stud owner agrees to supervise and document all breedings.

Stud owner agrees that stud presented for breeding is healthy, free from parasites, and of sound temperament. 

Dam Owner Responsibilities: 

The Dam Owner will notify Stud Owner as soon as the referenced dam comes into heat, so that arrangements can be made in a timely manner.

The dam presented for breeding must be genetically health tested, free from parasites, in good health, and of sound temperament.

If the Dam owner wishes to use the pregnancy guarantee (as outlined below), he/she must provide at least one progesterone testing result prior to breeding in order for the pregnancy guarantee to be valid. 


The Dam owner is responsible for providing transportation to and from the stud dog’s residence at the appropriate time during her season and is responsible for all fees incurred during her stay with Stud owner. 


Should the Dam owner or Stud owner deem that fresh/live artificial insemination is necessary to achieve pregnancy; the dam owner will pay all fees associated with this procedure. 

Dam owner will supply Stud owner with color photographs of all surviving puppies of this litter.

The Dam Owner is responsible for placing the resulting puppies in appropriate homes and agrees that none of the puppies produced in this litter will be knowingly sold to any pet store or person/firm connected with the business of resale or wholesale of dogs. 



The stud fee is $1000 plus $20/per day for boarding the dam at the Stud owner’s home. Boarding fees are incurred only if dam is to be staying on Stud owner’s property beyond 72 hours.


The stud fee $1000 will be paid upfront to stud owner prior to breeding. 


A nonrefundable service fee of $250 shall be retained on all breedings.


A litter constitutes two (2) live, viable puppies 48 hours after birth.

If no litter is conceived and the Dam owner did not provide a progesterone test result prior to breeding, the pregnancy guarantee is forfeited. There will be no refunds/free rebreedings and no future obligations on the part of the dam or stud owner. 


If no litter is conceived, and the Dam owner did provide progesterone testing results, then the Dam owner has the option of a free rebreeding on the dam’s next heat cycle or the Dam owner can choose to be refunded (minus $250 service fee) with no further obligations on the part of the Stud owner or Dam owner.


If no litter is conceived, the Dam owner must notify the Stud owner of failure to conceive, in writing no more than 70 days following the mating, with written confirmation from a licensed veterinarian. Failure to do so will result in no refund or return service being provided.


If no litter is conceived, and Dam owner chooses the refund option, there will be no refunds of the initial $250 service fee and shipping/materials costs and no future free rebreedings.


If no litter is conceived, and Dam owner chooses the free rebreeding option, there will be no refund issued. 


Emergency Care


If the dam is in the care of Stud owner, the Dam owner hereby grants stud owner permission to authorize veterinary services for the dam in the event of an emergency, or if the dam’s health or continued health appears to be in jeopardy. Stud owner reserves the right to use discretion in seeking such services and agrees to notify dam owner as soon as possible if such services become necessary. Dam owner shall be responsible for and promptly pay all veterinary costs incurred.



Stud owner shall have no responsibility for any disease contracted by the dam or injury resulting to the dam while dam is under stud owner’s care, provided that the stud owner has taken reasonable care of the dam and has not acted with gross negligence.



Signature of Stud Owner: _____________________        Date: ______________________


Signature of Dam Owner: _____________________        Date: ______________________

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