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Breed Details: F1b Mini Goldendoodle (30.1% Golden Retriever/60.9% Small Poodle/9.0% Standard Poodle)

Size: 33 lbs/19 inches



Color Panel & Genetic Testing: Ee KBky stat Bb M*m Ssp

1 Copy of ICH, otherwise clear including CDDY

9/10 red intensity

Embark link: HERE

Coat: F/F +/-

OFA hip prelims: "Good"

OFA eyes, cardiac, elbow prelims, patellas- "Normal"

Temperament: Jett is a fabulous representation of the breed. He loves to retrieve, and is always ready for an adventure- he doesn't mind getting wet and muddy if it means he's having fun! And we can see that happy, goofy, wants-to-say-hi-to-everyone golden retriever side of him, but he can focus well when asked. 


Jett is not yet proven and will have a reduced fee ($700) until proven. 

Jett as a Puppy

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