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Registered Name: X-Factor Romeo

Call Name: Rocco


Size: 18-19 pounds, 15.5 inches


Health Testing:

Genetic Testing via Canine Health Check 

Genetically clear including CDDY/CDPA

OFA hips- "Good"

OFA elbows, eyes, cardiac, & patellas: normal (link HERE)
















Color Panel: Ee kyky atat Bb mm Ssp

Rocco can produce red/apricot,  chocolate/brown, phantom, parti, and tri-color depending on the girl's genetics. 

Temperament: Rocco is incredibly intelligent and focused. He reminds us so much of our other service-task-trained boy, Comet-- in fact the kids call him "Baby Comet." He has such a happy, sunny and confident disposition- nothing seems to faze him when it comes to being handled by the kids, meeting new people/dogs, etc. He has so much poise even in distracting public settings. He LOVES training and agility. He has a great work ethic and is very eager to please. But he also knows how to turn off and nap on the couch on lazy days!

Stud Details: Rocco's stud fee is $1,300 for doodles and $1800 for AKC poodles. He is proven via live cover. If you have questions about exactly how the process works, read more HERE. 

doodle health testing
doodle health testing

Rocco's Pedigree

poodle pedigree
stacked stud poodle

More Pictures of Rocco

child with poodle

Pictures of Rocco's Puppies

poodle puppies

Rocco As A Pup

poodle puppy
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