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cavapoo puppy
cavapoo puppy

Huckleberry Finn

Size/Age: 23 pounds, 15 inches; 1 year old

Health Testing:

Genetic Testing (Embark Link HERE)- Genetically Clear (confirmed clear of CDDY through GenSol)

OFA hip prelims: "Good"

OFA elbows, cardiac, & patellas= "Normal" 

OFA eyes: pass

OFA results here: 




Color Panel:  ee kyky ayat mm BB Ssp

Huck can produce apricot/red, phantom, tri-color, sable & parti pups!


We searched for a guy just like this for a LONG time! Huck is a very special Cavapoo boy. He is multigenerational- 40.5% cavalier/59.5% poodle. We love that he still preserves a lot of those cavalier traits but with a soft, fully furnished coat (F/F +/-). 

Huck is a SUPER happy-go-lucky, never-met-a-stranger type boy. He reminds a lot of the typical laidback cavalier! He is enthusiastic about everything and loves to be near his people and/or his dog-brother. 

Stud Details: Huck's stud fee is $1100. He is proven via live cover. If you have questions about exactly how the process works, read more HERE. 

adult cavapoo on couch with male
cavapoo posing in grass with american flag
cavapoo dog running through flowers
cavapoo chewing on dog treat

Huck As a Puppy:

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