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Registered Name: Comet of Red Paw Farm


Call Name: Comet

Titles: CGC, AKC therapy dog certified 

Size: 36 pounds, 21 inches

Health Testing:

Genetic Testing (Embark Link HERE)- Carries 1 copy of CDDY, clear of CDPA (Paw Print Genetics) & all other genetic conditions

OFA hips: "Excellent"

OFA elbows, cardiac, patellas & eyes= "Normal/Pass"

Link to OFA results HERE

CHIC #- 178868

Color Panel: Eme kyky ata mm Bb Ssp

Intermediate Red- 6/10 

Comet can produce red/apricot, phantom, chocolate/brown, parti and tri-color. 

Temperament: Meet our medium sized phantom poodle stud, Comet! As his titles may suggest, Comet is AMAZING when it comes to interacting with people. He is friendly, confident, and kind hearted. We also appreciate his low prey drive and medium energy level. He is very athletic and loves his tennis ball, but is very calm/relaxed inside. He is just an easy boy to have around the house. However, the thing that stands out the most about him is his trainability. He is incredibly obedient and intuitive. His training focus is simply unmatched. He knows many tricks and service dog tasks (view his videos HERE). If you are looking to produce service dogs, he is the right boy!

Stud Details: Comet's stud fee is $1,100. He is proven via live cover and artificial insemination. He is an excellent breeder and can breed naturally with taller girls. He produces strong phantom markings and a dark chocolate on his brown pups. If you have questions about exactly how the process works, read more HERE. 

Stacked phantom poodle stud

More Pictures of Comet

phantom poodle

Pictures of Comet's Puppies

Doodle puppy

Comet as a Pup!

Comet's Pedigree

certified pedigree poodle
abstract phantom poodle in bow tie
moyen phantom poodle stud canine good citizen

Comet In Action!
Don't Forget to Check out his Other videos HERE

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